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Glide Legacy Ball Coverage

August 9, 2012

Nice piece covering the recent Glide Legacy Ball ran in today’s SFGate. Catherine Bigelow did a great job capturing the spirit of the event. I too think Mike Kim could sub for Cecil on any given Sunday!

If the Rev. Cecil Williams ever needs a Sunday sub at the pulpit, we may've found him a pinch-preacher in the person of Mike Kim, director of business development for higher education at LinkedIn. Kim was linking like-minded folks like a man on a mission July 28 at the Regency Ballroom during the

Glide Foundation's Legacy Gala: A Love Supreme, which honored the compassionate work of S.F. Giants relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis.

"We celebrate an institution that's changed the way we care about social justice and the disenfranchised," declared Kim, gala event chair. "We can't tolerate a community that allows its children to go hungry into the night.

"But Glide is here for them," he said. "And for senior citizens who can't afford health care. To those in recovery. To our immigrant community seeking a better life. And those fighting for marriage equality, Glide is here."

With assistance from committee members Heather Pond, Keesa Ocampo and S.F. Giants exec Faham Zakariaei, this rollicking fete starred Glide Ensemble's soul-stirring music and gourmet sips and nibbles (from purveyors including Gott's Roadside, Fra'Mani salumi, Goat Hill Pizza, Oola and Templeton Rye).

And by introducing the next generation to philanthropy, 900 true believers raised $50K for the Glide Foundation's wellness programs.

"What we're doing sets in motion a new direction for our getting together. To engage each other. To love, care and support each other," roared Williams. "And when we get together, there's no telling what in the world will happen, when we get together."

As Davis is at camp honing his touchdown dashes, 49ers GM Trent Baalke accepted the Cecil Williams Legacy Award for Davis' commitment to help under-served youth achieve healthier lives via art, education and sports.

Siebel Newsom paid tribute to Williams' wife, poet and women's activist Jan Mirikitani, as she accepted the Janice Mirikitani Legacy Award for her own work via Miss Representation, which provides educational tools for young girls and women to realize their full potential in a media-dominated world.

"I'm very proud of 'Miss Representation' not because it's a film," Siebel Newsom said, "but because we've launched a global movement, I'm Not Buying It, for girls to challenge sexism in media."

Presenting the Glide Community Hero Award, Zakariaei ticked off Affeldt's impressive on-field (as of press time) stats: a 2.64 ERA and 233 batting average.

Off field, Affeldt, a devout Christian, nails other numbers: He supports organizations that tackle the issues of clean water, housing orphans, food programs and human trafficking.

In addition, he and his wife, Larisa Affeldt, established their own foundation, Generation Alive, which engages young people in acts of service to promote social justice and alleviate poverty among their peers.

Oh, and for every save he makes on the mound, Affeldt donates $250 to Not For Sale, an organization that established the Free2Play initiative providing sports, music and education rehabilitation to youths rescued from modern slavery.

He recalled a recent Generation Alive food program in Palo Alto where his 4-year-old son asked why he was doing this particular work.

"Son, I truly believe in the concept that you love your neighbor as yourself," said Affeldt, relating their exchange. "When you see someone naked, you clothe them. And I truly believe when you see someone hungry you give them something to eat. And when they're thirsty you give them something to drink. And when they're in prison you visit them. I truly believe the No. 1 injustice in the world is when you traffic a human being. And I want to fight that with everything I have."

The Giants are loyal Glide supporters and have not only featured the choir at games but also host Step Up to the Plate benefit nights.

"As a baseball player, that's what I do. But it's not who I am," Affeldt said. "For me and my heart, this work is who I am. And Glide honestly represents everything I am."

However, there's one task this seeming superhero won't lend his superpowers to: joining the Glide Ensemble in song.

"Singing isn't my thing," admitted Affeldt, with a laugh. "I leave that to (Giants third-base coach and noted troubadour Tim) Flannery."

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/article/Glide-Legacy-gala-honors-Giant-assist-3770107.php#ixzz231KFJYz4